Where have I been?

I’m. So. Cool.

Not really but my life is giving off this fantastic facade of awesome rad coolness that is unparalleled in my normal life. I’ve been so busy trying to live my mantra of living outside of 9-5 that I haven’t made any time to blog about it! IT ENDS NOW.

Run Down:


San Francisco



All places. All activities. All Obsessions. I’ll be adding little bits and pieces about these micro/macro adventures over the next couple weeks, travel suggestions, current art exhibits and, obviously, my normal rantings.

Proof that I was in Greece! HA!

Proof that I was actually somewhere! HA!

Stay tuned!

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Not your day? Here’s a song about it.

They say bad things happen in three’s. It’s the rule of life. Well. If anyone has any objections to this rule, you can study my life. I will walk you through an in depth analysis from the time I was told that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Tooth Fairy were societal lies to this past Friday where I decided to basically exist.

Yes. Exactly.

Yes. Exactly.

My lovely assistant Tina Fey will help me illustrate this evidence.

So, after:

1) being stood up in a couple meetings


2) corrupting some software


3) and successfully backing into my coworker’s parked car


I’d say a rule is a rule.

Well, as I was running through the weekend with my woes (ha I’m so clever),tumblr_m7bx22vzz41rsez73_lmartwatching Beyonce videos and envisioning how awesome our friendship will be one day, (it’ll start casually but then quickly become a deep connection), YouTube decided to surprise me.

It played an ad, which isn’t surprising (duh) but an ad that was actually a song called “Not my Day” by Keith James. 

In a moment of need, you're the wind beneath my wings Keith

In a moment of need, you’re the wind beneath my wings Keith.

Keith, my new soulmate, runs down a list of truly (in the moment) upsetting events that would have the Dalai Lama saying, “I can’t even.” From knocking your taco off the table, to getting a ticket after work. This song is for the 9-5 strugglers.

So I thought I’d share this lil gem and I hope it pops up for you when it’s most needed.


For more struggle moments, check out BuzzFeed’s amazing Can’t Even moments:





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A Late Resolution


Let the confessions begin, Usher style.

As New Years slips away, every day becomes a sharper reminder of my complete failure to take a hold of my New Years Resolution. Now when I say complete failure, I mean #FAIL.Never have I eaten so much pizza, donuts, and the multiple genres of fried potatoes.

Plus my consumption of wine is at record breaking heights.


It has been a straight 20 days of eating and allowing my body to melt into whatever soft surface it sags into. Let’s just say, I got curves in a Mu mu.

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