About the Title

“You is Smart. You is Kind. You is Important.” Kathryn Stockett.The Help. New York: Amy Einhorn Books, 2009. Print.

For those who haven’t read or seen “The Help”, go see it. Because this phrase will make you feel.

"Word" Play
“Word” Play

While a Journalism major should be completely concerned, if not obsessed, with grammar, in this situation, the lack of seemed more appropriate.

Why are we in college? To get an education and a job through diligent studying, class attendance and hearty work ethic. Well, when people stop hiring, we journalism majors, tend to get a bit desperate.

When we were asked to start a blog, it was for multiple reasons:

1) To stay relevant and creative.

Absorb media, criticize media, create media.

2) To make sure we are literate and not boring. 

What are we watching, reading, analyzing and most importantly can we write about it without sounding like sad sacks of “indy anything-rights advocates”.

3) To get a job. 

Yeah. That.

Many forms of communication are dying. Face-to-Face is being replaced by Tweet-to-Retweet and (in some places) targeting a demographic has faded into a function rather than a sparked art form. My demographic of college graduates are ingesting Adobe Suite workshops like pill-popping addicts instead of focusing on creating a well-written article. Because journalism is facing more transition, it’s difficult to find what older skills should transcend and mold our new foundation. Writing, in my opinion, should be the foundation of any and all journalistic intentions, not InDesign or Photoshop (even though I have learned a lot in those workshops).

So if people are focusing on lengthening their resume, then I figure grammar and sentence structure is falling by the wayside. Finding a job is hard. Working for an unforeseen goal is challenging. But I think even the tiniest slogan of “You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important” is so easily translatable to what many students crave to hear from their professors, their peers and from the job world (Thank you Ms. Stockett). Most importantly about their writing. If they don’t hear it, we will continue to focus on building skills and placing them on a foundation of sandy writing.  With the help of Ms. Stockett, my own mantra has emerged to help me fight off the insecurity of internship/job hunting, “You is Smart. You is employable.” Grammar aside (briefly), this will be my blog’s focus and foundation, through the practice of writing.


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