Nike: Find Your Greatness

I love Nike’s brand.

The BRAND of Nike is inspirational. Everything the brand stands for is motivating. They have done an excellent job over the past few years blending labels like “The Jock” and “The Rebel” (credit Scott Bedbury, A New Brand World, for the terminology). Nike found a way to finally say what the majority of people who buy Nike think.

“I want to get in shape.”

This perfect illustration of what most people probably feel like when making those first steps to getting in shape. I think this campaign of “Find Your Greatness” is exactly what people need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Working out is rough and this ad gives us that imagery of the long road, the small victories and the will power. I can relate to this ad very easily coming from a larger family, and it made me raise my hands up and scream, “Yes!”.

I want to be that boy, moving forward, accepting the responsibility and his right to health. With this campaign, (if used correctly) Nike could bring personal ownership (and badassness) to the challenge of getting in shape. We don’t need to feel ashamed of the act of trying to get in shape, we should feel empowered and stronger than any sponsored athlete.

This boy is better than any athlete, because he is real.


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