States United to Prevent Gun Violence


Instant shock and awe and painful urge to uncomfortably “laugh”. This black humor filled call to action is exactly what everyone wants and dreads during America’s recent darkened days. It was on dramatic. It was clear. It was almost funny. And it was painful.

Gun violence is never something that’s easy to actually discuss. As one of the many hot button topics, it brings every opinion to the table and usually ends with a lot of heated confusion. Congress can agree. This ad uses it’s shock value to deliver the message then allows a frigid chuckle as the man reloads his ancient musket in order to take another shot.

The ad is shot in motion and gives the viewer the allusion of being right along side the employees in their cubicles and the distress of the secretary as she pleads for the man to halt. We are hooked instantly.

I love high-tension and controversial issues advertisements because they bring out creations like this; raw, clever and biting. No one will forget the tragedies over these past couple years and this ad makes a notion to the unforgettable.


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