Nike: Successful Repeat: #KobeSystem

Kobe Bryant
Oh Kobe.

Many corporations have made mistakes two, three, eight times. But what Nike has done best is successful recycling it’s ideas two, three and eight times over. It doesn’t always have to be a NEW idea that sparks Nike’s audience to say, “Wow! What an original campaign!”It can be a renovated look at Nike’s past successes, at least that’s what the new Kobe System campaign is. A repeat.

So fresh.



Back in 1987, Nike hired Spike Lee to team with Michael Jordan in a campaign to launch the new Air Jordan III’s. The commercial is a basic outline of the newer Kobe System shoe campaign. Spike Lee begs Michael to tell him the secret to his talent. It must be the shoes! Michael denies the idea and continues to promote practice and skill.

Sound familiar?

While the Kobe campaign is a flash back from the Jordan days, Nike has made sure to add multiple twists and turns so that this repeat is the newest edition. The series of videos features stars tennis star Serena Williams, Kanye West, celebrity life coach Tony Robbins, Hall-of-Fame wide-receiver Jerry Rice, U.S. Soccer sensation Hope Solo, Arizona Cardinals wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson, pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, comedian Aziz Ansari, and multi-talented Chinese megastar Wong Lee Ho.. Kobe gives meaningless advice and continues to state, “Attack Fast, Attack Strong.”

See all KobeSystem videos!

Nike knows what works. Even though this concept is recycled, it’s been modernized to fit a whole new audience. This ad targets all pop culture consumers with its Kobe Guru take on success. The Kobe System and Jordan archetypes are both profitable and proof of exactly what Kobe says: “Are you a different animal, and the same beast?” Exactly.


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