Kmart – Insert Soap in Mouth

After the success of Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” commercial, the profanity scoffing Draftfcb released a second commercial, “Big Gas Savings”. Since Kmart falls in limbo between Walmart and Kohl’s, its image needs some improving. Without an established lower prices, like Walmart, and a “fashion conscious” Kohl’s identity, Kmart has been left as a last stop shop for anything left behind at Target. What better way to modernize than to match your public’s modern sense of humor. Who doesn’t love the elderly saying words resembling profanity or children screaming it atop their innocent loves? No one. We all love it because it is amazing and pathetically hilarious. So congratulations to you Kmart, you have met my humor and sparked my curiosity about this phenomenal, customer service conscious, pant shipping enabling entity. Thank you Kmart, thank you.

And now! Big Gas Savings!? What could be next! Oh the possibilities of that poor elderly couple’s fate…

Just knee slappin’ hilarious. Oh American corporation, you jokester you.

Throw back to the original:


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