Dove Real Beauty Sketches

It has been circulated in every medium. It has made an impact. And yes of course it made me cry.

Our moms told us we were beautiful. Our fathers told us we were they were proud. Our partners told us they loved us. But it takes an organization to show us and all the sudden we are brought back to the light. It is a simple push into reality when an ad like this is so inspiring, we don’t think we are beautiful and we don’t know how to think we are beautiful unless someone tells us to. While that may be depressing, the actual ad brought us through that realization and the transition of self doubt and hate to shock and appreciation. Every girl in the Journalism should watch this ad and challenge themselves to not feel that shock these women experience when they see how hateful they are to their own faces. Enlightening and terrifying, Dove perfectly illustrates a natural appreciation for yourself and they keep their brand on my level. I love Dove and will continue to purchase their products because of this campaign (and their amazing pomegranate deodorant).


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