No Shoes, No Shirt, Google Glass, No Service

Welcome, now leave.
Welcome, now leave.

Google has just begun it’s long awaited Google Glass beta trials, but little did they know, they would be banned in certain establishments before they were even mass produced. About one month ago, Seattle’s 5 point Cafe became the first establishment to ban Google Glass in the United States. Whether it is the fault of a few too many peeping toms getting ahold of the ultimate Google sponsored spy glasses, or public privacy clauses, Google Glass manufactures are facing new issues. While the public has always been highly supportive of anything Google or Apple products, the negativity has been on the rise since the product was first proposed.

While Google supporters claim that most of the complaints are unfounded, laws and regulations are already in the works to protect establishments and their patrons.

"Stop the Cyborgs" logo
“Stop the Cyborgs” logo

A London based society has formed called “Stop the Cyborgs” (already know it’s not going to a good place), wants to make a public case against Google’s new technology, stating it is creating a privacy infringement issues. The group has started to produce signs and posters for businesses hoping to protect themselves from the possible privacy endangerment of this new “brain eating” technology.

The leader of the group, Adam (no last name given for privacy purposes…figures), worries that the privacy violations online are now going to be a daily struggle in the open public offline.**

**(Adam admits to never having used or interacted with the Google Glass.)

It's a no no
It’s a no no

Here are some places Google Glass can’t go (and probably shouldn’t):

1) Restaurants & Bars

2) Gentleman’s & Strip Clubs

3) Public Gyms/Locker rooms:

4) Movie Theaters: Piracy to a whole new level

Here are some predictions of Google Glass prohibited locations:

1) Government Buildings (secrets, secrets)

2) Cars (pretty sure counter productive to a handsfree device)

3) Doctor’s Offices/Hospitals (more secrets)

4) Anywhere in London apparently…


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