Apple Finds the Crack

Like a Boss
Like a Boss

Apple CEO Tim Cook has done a masterful job of eliminating anger directed at Apple for alleged tax evasion. Cook has been able to shift the focus of the discussion from tax avoidance to one of an innovative and ingenious corporate strategy. Some have even gone as far as to commend Apple for exposing flaws in the US corporate tax code.

Trolling around in court
Trolling around in court

While heat is still heavy on Apple, technically they didn’t break any laws. If anyone was going to find this loophole, of course it is going to be the leading technology company in the world. Ireland and the US are going to continue to duke out the logistics as Apple sits back and prepares their “defense” of, 1) Everyone does it, and 2) It’s completely legal. Apple committed the “slide between the crack” move on an astronomically larger level than any other corporation, which is why this hearing of tax avoidance needs to happen to ease American’s conscious of shaky corporation laws. As the two part problem continues, it will be interesting to see if Tim Cook’s flawless directional shift can continue its smooth pass to innocence.


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