Blog Series Update

I’m back, finally.

Last year, my eyes were opened to the concept of blogging. Terrified, I fought through many awkward memoirs, media analyses and mini self realizations. In the beginning, this blog’s purpose was to understand different advertising angles and strategies. This process gave me a lot of insight that changed how I currently view ads, movies, television, and really, all media in general. With this new understanding, it is time (drum roll please…) to take it to the next level.IMG_6685

In my J452 Strategic Public Relations Communications class, we were asked to choose a topic in which we can relate to public relations. After my experience analyzing advertisements, I’m now evolving this idea and focusing on why and how certain themes are or are not represented in the media. I will be blogging about the representations of race, gender, and culture in the media. This entails understanding the content of these themes and their cultural consequences.

Seneca Cayuga's Tribal Logo
Seneca Cayuga’s Tribal Logo

I was inspired to understand more about this topic in my J412 Representation of Native Americans in the Media class. Over the last two weeks alone, I have learned more about America’s history than my 12 years of public schooling combined. I also am personally committed to this understanding because I am part Indian (Seneca Cayuga Tribe) and have multiple family members living on Indian-country reservations. It is amazing that there is so much information available to North American society but nevertheless we choose to listen to the same news outlets with the same repeated information, the same radio stations with the same top-40 with the same people everyday of our everyday lives.

And we thought we were getting “smarter”.

Nope. In reality, we are drowning in the same inflatable pool everyday under the weight of the same information.

So here’s to learning how to swim. My goal in the next few weeks of this blog will be to learn and relay as many skills as possible to identify false, absent, and stereotypical representations in the media and becoming part of the solution to fix them.

Let’s start kicking.


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