A Late Resolution


Let the confessions begin, Usher style.

As New Years slips away, every day becomes a sharper reminder of my complete failure to take a hold of my New Years Resolution. Now when I say complete failure, I mean #FAIL.Never have I eaten so much pizza, donuts, and the multiple genres of fried potatoes.

Plus my consumption of wine is at record breaking heights.


It has been a straight 20 days of eating and allowing my body to melt into whatever soft surface it sags into. Let’s just say, I got curves in a Mu mu.

Not ok.

Because I’m not ready to replace all of my “structured” pants with 100% velour sweatsuits, it’s time to make a decision.


I promise not to become that Fitness Freak blogger who posts incessantly on the hotness of my brand new bod. Instead, I’ll be reviewing some cheap and accessible exercise programs that hopefully won’t totally suck (if they do I’ll totally let you know). These reviews will be scattered in between other random Days posts and will relate in no way to them because, lez-be-honest, that’s life.

A serious of random events with some sweaty painful ones shoved in intermittently. Well here’s to the sweatiest!

– S


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