Not your day? Here’s a song about it.

UO Public Relations Portfolio (2014)

Hi! This is a peek at my portfolio that I presented to the School of Journalism and Communications for my degree in Public Relations. This is a collection of projects from my time at the University of Oregon and a brief overview of my internship with Hurley International. To download the entire portfolio, click here. […]

They say bad things happen in three’s. It’s the rule of life. Well. If anyone has any objections to this rule, you can study my life. I will walk you through an in depth analysis from the time I was told that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Tooth Fairy were societal lies to this past Friday where I decided to basically exist.

Yes. Exactly.
Yes. Exactly.

My lovely assistant Tina Fey will help me illustrate this evidence.

So, after:

1) being stood up in a couple meetings


2) corrupting some software


3) and successfully backing into my coworker’s parked car


I’d say a rule is a rule.

Well, as I was running through the weekend with my woes (ha I’m so clever),tumblr_m7bx22vzz41rsez73_lmartwatching Beyonce videos and envisioning how awesome our friendship will be one day, (it’ll start casually but then quickly become a deep connection), YouTube decided to surprise me.

It played an ad, which isn’t surprising (duh) but an ad that was actually a song called “Not my Day” by Keith James. 

In a moment of need, you're the wind beneath my wings Keith
In a moment of need, you’re the wind beneath my wings Keith.

Keith, my new soulmate, runs down a list of truly (in the moment) upsetting events that would have the Dalai Lama saying, “I can’t even.” From knocking your taco off the table, to getting a ticket after work. This song is for the 9-5 strugglers.

So I thought I’d share this lil gem and I hope it pops up for you when it’s most needed.


For more struggle moments, check out BuzzFeed’s amazing Can’t Even moments:






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